Clear air pioneers

Howorth Air Tech Clear air pioneers

Howorth Air Technology, established in 1858, work across the healthcare markets to provide ground-breaking technologies. They pride themselves on developing innovative ways to clean, control, climatise and contain air. As a result of their experience and skills, they understand what it does and how it flows.

Pioneers since 1858
Howorth Air Tech's new brand typeface Co text - clear, clean and rounded
Brand personality - approachable, accommodating, knowledgeable, reliable, flexible, experts, honest, friendy, partners

Absolute Clarity

When Howorth approached Absolute they had no clear brand or positioning, only a logo, we identified this as an area where we could help them stand out from the competition. So we ran our Absolute Clarity Brand Workshop with company directors, management representatives from across the business, including the shop floor. This was necessary to get an internal perspective on the brand.

In addition to the workshops, we interviewed key members of staff in customer facing roles, allowing us to understand the customer’s perception of Howorth. We also sent out Customer Surveys to gain an external perspective.

We analysed the data, both internal and external and created a strong new brand proposition ‘Clean Air Pioneers since 1858’. We also looked at a newly reinvigorated brand identity which reflects the values of the business and differentiates Howorth from their competitors.

The deliverables from working with Howorth were: a new brand essence, tone of voice, colour palette and logo. We also undertook a photo shoot to create a suite of imagery that encapsulates the brand including people shots and interior shots.

The new brand was successfully launched at the Healthcare Estates Show with the a revamped stand showcasing the new brand as well as new branded collateral such as an Essence Brochure created by Absolute. The stand really stood out among the competition with it record number odf visitors and enquiries.

The feedback from this work with Howorth has been very positive, both internally and externally.

Brand workshop in progress at Absolute
Brand workshop in progress at Howorth Air Tech
Our mission...
To create the quality products you need to reduce infection and safeguard against contamination
The Howorth Way - 1 integrity, 2 collaboration, 3 excellence