Why we start with ideas

They can turn perceptions on their heads. They can twist established ways of thinking or provide totally new perspectives. They can reframe how people look at you or connect things in new ways. Ideas are what marketing lives or dies by and they drive everything we do. We back our craft with inspired creative thinking, giving you work that’s targeted, unique and impossible to ignore.

Great characters.
The Absolute way.

At Absolute, it takes a certain type of person to be part of the team – people who have our culture as part of their make-up. These individuals challenge the status quo. They aren’t paper-pushers who just take the easy option and do only what the client is asking for. They’re people with strength of mind and clarity of vision, who have ideas about doing things differently.

Careers and internships

We’re a team of problem solvers, each with our own specialist skills, and we love to collaborate, to pull apart problems, explore different approaches and spark ideas off each other.

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