Get more out of your Total Fitness

Total Fitness Get more out of your Total Fitness

Established in 1993, Total Fitness is now a leading chain of 17 large scale gyms based in the north of England with plans to extend the portfolio of clubs in new locations. All of the gyms feature a high quality aquatic offering and excellent gym floor equipment facilities and since 2015, there has been an ongoing multi-million pound refurbishment and upgrade programme for the health clubs as well as improvements to the services they offer.

Unlike most health clubs, Total Fitness has wide membership mix consisting of families, the over 55’s as well as the individual gym member. They occupy their own territory in the health club sector, because their memberships have a mid-price point, a wider demographic and more to offer than most of the budget gyms that are opening all over the country.




  • Brand Campaign
  • Location Photography

Brand Campaign

With the refurbishment programme underway, Total Fitness wanted to create a brand awareness campaign that centred around all the facilities and services that they have to offer compared to other health clubs. They also wanted communicate to their existing and potentially new members that you can come to a Total Fitness gym to do multiple exercise routines, try something new or join their extensive list of classes rather than do the same thing every time you go.

The first part of the project was to create a new strapline that best communicated that proposition. After extensive research, Absolute chose the campaign line; ‘Get more out of your Total Fitness’. This then sat along a series of headlines which consisted of training, classes or relaxation combinations. So, in terms of classes, it would be; ‘Zumba / Combat / Spin’ and for cardio it would be; ‘Run / Swim / Cycle’.

Campaign Photography

To communicate the proposition, we then organised a range of photography shoots at their clubs to make sure that we captured as many of the facilities Total Fitness has to offer, using people that better reflected the audience they cater for. A lot of the competitors campaigns typically consisted of using models that had bodies that were too sculpted or muscular and usually photographed in a studio, but Total Fitness didn’t want this, they wanted to use real people with realistic fitness goals, to encourage everyday people to use their gyms.

Absolute impressed us with their creativity, attention to detail and understanding of the Total Fitness brand. From coming up with an inspiring creative concept through to their skilled photography and editing, they have brought to life the breadth of our facilities and all inclusive, welcoming nature of our clubs.

Becky Yardley, Marketing Communications Manager
Dips Squats Chins

Campaign Toolkit

To deliver any campaign you need to work alongside the client, especially if they have the internal resources to produce all the brand collateral needed. So to make life easier for clients marketing team, Absolute will always produce a campaign toolkit to give guidance on how to use all the assets that we create. This is really important as it helps maintain a good cohesive use of the assets across all marketing channels. A toolkit often comprises of the use of tone-of-voice in terms of headlines and any call-to-action used. It also demonstrates the best crop for any photography or use of illustration, and gives examples of any typical applications.

The result is a set of headlines, imagery and application guides that have been rolled out across the brand and throughout the new website.