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Toffeln specialise in ergonomically designed footwear for healthcare professionals who face long hours, high pressure scenarios and unpredictability on a day-to-day basis.

The main focus for the 2018 product brochure was to introduce Toffeln’s new WearerTech range of footwear. It also needed to showcase their full footwear and accessories range, highlighting the benefits for each individual product.




  • Brand Campaign
  • Location Photography
  • Studio Photography

The Idea

Toffeln decided to take an altogether more scientific approach by teaming up with the University of Salford to conduct in-depth foot-analysis research. By studying movement over longer periods and applying specialised technologies, Toffeln created a range of shoes with even more ergonomic features for the wearer's feet.

Building on this initial research, we decided to put the customer at the heart of the brochure by giving six healthcare professionals, in a variety of roles, a new pair of Toffeln shoes and a FitBit Tracker to monitor their typical movements whilst at work.

44,106 steps later… Chloe loved the fact her feet weren't aching like they did with other shoes
Absolute captured lifestyle imagery as part of the location photography
Absolute captured lifestyle imagery as part of the location photography
65,407 steps later
Brand campaign for Toffeln's ergonomically designed footwear

The delivery

The first task was to create a more engaging tone-of-voice that brought personality to the brand and toned down the scientific or techy language. The next task was to highlight the benefits of the products from the customers' point-of-view by including their real experience of wearing the shoes.

Real people feature in the catalogue, each one owning a dedicated spread, including the shoes they wore, overall steps from the study, average steps per hour alongside their portrait. The shoes are colourful, so from an art directional point-of-view we took this as a cue to create a vibrant brochure that was less formulaic and a departure from the previous editions.

The cleverer clog
You'll like the way we think on your feet
Product photography in the Absolute photography studio
At the end of the day, your feet will feel better. And at the beginning too.

The result

By bringing people and personality to the new brochure we gave the brand a stronger emotional connection with their healthcare customers. It is packed with insightful and useful information to help its audience intelligently choose the best product for them. The creative execution adds clever design, colour and interest. And the best bit? Seeing real people as advocates for the brand – a brand owner's dream come true.

The next step - Absolute created a brochure for Toffeln
The next step - Absolute created a brochure for Toffeln

Campaign Rollout

With the press campaign, we decided to focus on design features and the benefits of each product to the wearer. The result is a set of impactful posters that promote footwear which is designed to keep people on their feet all day, give them support and even help them avoid potential injury.

Absolute created these impactful posters to promote the features and benefits of the footwear
Posters: breathe new life into your feet

To say that Absolute breathed some fresh personality into our catalogue would be an understatement, they've taken the catalogue and our brand to a whole new level.

Harvey Leflaive - Marketing Manager at Toffeln