Swifty One Kickstarter

Swifty Scooters Swifty One Kickstarter

In his Manchester workshop in 2012, Jason Iftakhar, co-founder of Swifty Scooters, hand-built the first adult folding scooter - the Swifty One. Since then, the design has been honed and refined as he and co-founder Camilla strive to build the best quality product they possibly can. The Swifty One's large 16" pneumatic tyres are a great balance between size, speed and comfort of ride, allowing riders to flow over bumps and kerbs. The unique folding mechanism is really quick and easy, making the scooter really compact.

Swifty Scooters is a family business and they are really excited about the 2016 Swifty One, which has loads of new features that make the product even better. The design duo, Jason and Camilla, asked us to help them produce a video they could use on a Kickstarter campaign to help them place the first order with their factory. The video was to sell the idea and design behind their Swifty One scooter and encourage viewers to check out their campaign and the offers and rewards that came with it. The Swifty One would come in three distinct colour options but a limited edition Kickstarter Swifty One colour was introduced to help promote the campaign.




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