The king of doner

Sultan Quality Meats The king of doner

When it comes to doner meat, Sultan has been one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of quality meat products for over ten years.

With substantial investment in new state-of-the-art machinery, they’ve not only improved the way it tastes but also they way it’s packaged. With this in mind Sultan thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take a fresh look at their overall brand.


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New brand identity for Sultan

Crowning glory

With the new product being more premium, the brand needed to reflect this, so Absolute positioned Sultan as ‘The King of Doner’. We then set about creating the Sultan crown brand mark that had its roots firmly in the Ottoman Empire and complimented it with eastern style typography for the word mark. In terms of the colour palette, we restricted it to gold, black and white.

A range of stationery to go with the new branding
Photography was provided to help with the new premium positioning
A premium seal that complimented the new branding and positioning
Art direction saw that Sultan received suitably premium photography

Taste supreme

Primarily Sultan are manufacturers of quality meats and the proof is in the end product, so we wanted to highlight how delicious the doner meat really is by photographing the different ways it can be served, from the classic doner pitta to doner pizza. And not forgetting the chillies of course.

Behind the lens - a lot goes into the planning and running of a well directed photoshoot
A range of products and pack photography was carried out on the photoshoot
A responsive splash screen to give the brand an online prescence

Let’s do launch

For brand awareness, we have created a set of national press adverts that announce the launch of the new product from Sultan and the new ‘The King of Doner’ brand positioning. Building on the crown theme, we photographed the two key products, the doner wrap and classic pitta, in a style that really is ‘fit for a king’. This campaign will be rolled out over the next few months.

Art direction suitable for The King of Doner
The new brand identity in-situ on a Sultan apron
Premium food photography from the photoshoot
New packaging for Sultan's new brand identity

Absolute guided us through the brand process and we now stand head and shoulders above our competition.

Jemil Tokdemir, Director