The home of golfing royalty

Royal Birkdale The home of golfing royalty

Situated on the golden links of the North West coast in Southport, Royal Birkdale is possibly the finest of all courses in England. Royal Birkdale has held more Championship and International events since World War 2 than any other course in the world. Open Championships, Ryder Cups, Women's British Opens, Senior Opens, Amateur Championships, Walker Cups and Curtis Cups. Royal Birkdale Golf Club has been voted the number one golf club in England, one of the top five clubs in the UK and amongst the top 35 in the world.

With Royal Birkdale hosting the 2017 Open, and an expected web traffic increase of 2500%, Absolute were commissioned to update the current website, which wasn’t currently responsive or equipped to handle the volume of traffic it was about to receive.

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Brand development

We looked at the project holistically, and whilst a globally recognised Golf Course with visitors from all over the world, Royal Birkdale lacked a cohesive and modern brand. So in keeping with the values and traditions of the club, we updated the typeface, and brought in a nice understated colour palette to convey a more premium feel. We developed a tone-of-voice to be used throughout the site, which was aspirational yet inclusive.

A set of brand guidelines for Royal Birkdale Golf Club

Web design & development

Once all of the assets were in place, Absolute began the next phase of the process, which was to design and build responsive website.

As part of our user story analysis we were able to break down the common tasks that the site users and administrators are likely to perform, we then broke these tasks down into logical blocks of functionality. From this, we then worked on User Journeys and assessed the most commonly used features of the website, taking into consideration not only prospective customer’s usage, but also the requirements of the existing members.

This insight was then translated into a sleek, simplistic website, with emphasis on a lighter navigation, less clicks to get to content, and a seamless mobile experience.

The website was built in Absolute Control, our own bespoke CMS. We worked on a modular basis, ensuring easy updating in the CMS for the client.

The result is a clean, modern website, which accurately depicts the essence of the prestigious Royal Birkdale Golf Club and its members.

Responsive web design for Royal Birkdale Golf Club
Mobile friendly course score card for Royal Birkdale Golf Club