Escape to three storey living

Redrow Escape to three storey living

Well-loved for its beautiful Heritage collection, Redrow have no problem enticing home-buyers into visiting a development to view these type of homes. However in some developments they also offer a range of stunning three storey homes, which were being overlooked.

Three storey homes are perfect for a growing family, or for those who want something different and a little out of the ordinary from their home. Redrow had noticed certain common misconceptions amongst potential buyers when it came to three storey living, but had found that once customers visited a three-storey show home, they soon became enticed.

The problem to be solved was to get home-buyers to view a three-story home in the first place.

Our task was to deliver a campaign which communicated the benefits of three-storey living and tempted customers just enough so that they would take that extra step in the consideration process, and view a Redrow three-storey home.




  • Art Direction
  • Brand Campaign
  • Creative Copywriting
  • Studio Photography

The idea

The benefits of a three-storey home become immediately apparent upon visiting one. They’re surprisingly bigger on the inside than they appear on the outside. They offer a modern way of living. And they’re great for families who need more space for “me time” as they provide an extra room to escape to.

It was this final point which struck us creatively and led to an idea that allowed us to build intrigue. In turn, enticing home buyers to view a three-storey home. The great thing about three storey living is that you’re free to escape to another world within your own home. Our campaign idea was all about the different stories that could be happening in a three-storey home.

The delivery

We knew we needed to build intrigue. To do that, we took something ordinary but made it extraordinary. We created a series of images featuring characters on a journey to their own world. Visually, this took the form of a family member making their way up the stairs of their three-storey home to their extra room, but we added a twist. From the space explorer, to the wannabe rockstar, to the avid gym-goer.

Engaging lifestyle photography showing the characters that live in a three-storey home was supported by impactful campaign messaging such as ‘Discover life on another level’. Together, this highlighted the uniqueness as well as the benefits of three-storey living in an enticing and creative way.

Three storey newspaper ad