The Not So Great Indoors

Redrow The Not So Great Indoors

Skip the renovation, part three.

The latest ad – the third in a series of campaigns - for premium home builder client Redrow launched on UK TV screens on Boxing Day 2020.


  • Construction



  • Art Direction
  • Brand Development
  • Creative Copywriting
  • Location Photography
  • Video Production

The strategy

We’re a nation obsessed with home renovation – 86% of all house sales currently involved the second hand market. The challenge was to change the mindset of a nation under the influence of the ‘fixer upper’.

We worked with Redrow to create a national campaign which used humour, unusual for the home-building sector, to gain cut through and grab attention.

Our approach was simple. We show our audience the problem – renovation pain. Then we show them the solution – a beautiful, new Redrow home.

The Idea

The ad features a family who have made the mistake of taking on a renovation project during the winter months.

They sit in a freezing unfinished room, wrapped up in coats, hats and scarves as wind, and even a rogue plastic bag, blasts through the house.

One of the children even finds his tongue frozen to his coat zip, before Mum comes to the rescue and freeing him – before she utters one word, an instruction, to her husband.. ‘Redrow’

We switch to the same family sitting in a warm, beautiful and inviting living room in a beautifully furnished – finished – home.

The Delivery

The ad was tactically placed during spots of popular home renovation programmes and shown throughout December and January.

In addition to the ad, accompanying campaign photography was created for social media and digital adverts. This was all packaged up in a campaign toolkit for Redrow and the media partners to roll out.

The result – a light-hearted and humorous campaign to highlight the pain, stresses and pitfalls that an often-costly renovation project can bring.

We know there’s a better way to live.. and that’s in a beautiful, new Redrow home.

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