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Premium home building company, Redrow, have a simple brand idea; to create a better way to live for their customers. They design their homes with character, spacious open plan living and only use quality fixtures and fittings. But it doesn’t stop there. They also develop thriving communities by putting people at the heart of everything they do.

We’re obsessed with home renovation - 86% of all house sales currently involve the second hand housing market. Our challenge was to change the mindset of a nation under the influence of the trend for a ‘fixer upper’. We worked with Redrow to create a national campaign which used humour to gain cut through in the home-building sector.




  • Art Direction
  • Brand Campaign
  • Creative Copywriting
  • Location Photography
  • Video Production

The strategy

There’s a large number of programmes on TV that continuously promote the idea of ‘taking on a big project’ or ‘a bit of a do’er upper’ with an older property. The problem with this, the dream sold to the viewer very rarely matches the reality. And what people really experience, whilst going through the renovation process, is much different to what’s portrayed on TV.

We wanted to connect with these people and show them there’s another way, a better way to live. Whether they’re a first-time buyer considering an older house to get on the property ladder, or a growing family who are looking for more living space or empty nesters who want to revamp their home. The approach is simple. We show our audience the problem – which is renovation pain. Then we show them the solution – a beautiful, new Redrow home.

Redrow brand campaign by Absolute

The idea

The first commercial, which is part of a series, is aimed at first time buyers who might be considering an older house to get on the property ladder. Our young couple may not be aware of what they’re letting themselves in for when viewing a house that clearly needs a lot of work to modernise it. Our perky estate agent is doing her best to sell them the renovation dream, but is in danger of going too far.

Redrow Instagram Brand Campaign Development by Absolute

The delivery

We produced, with our production partners, a series of commercials, featuring the voice of actor Dean Lennox Kelly. Accompanying campaign photography was also created for social media and digital adverts. This was all packaged up in a campaign toolkit for Redrow and the media partners to roll out. The result, a light-hearted campaign with humour - unusual for the sector – to drive brand awareness and convey the campaign message, a better way to live.

View the behind the scenes video

Redrow Brand Development by Absolute