Living the Xmas Misery

Redrow Living the Xmas Misery

All is calm, all is bright.. apart from when Christmas comes in the middle of a costly and time-consuming renovation.

The second ad in our two-year national marketing campaign for premium home builder client, Redrow launched in November.


  • Construction



  • Art Direction
  • Brand Development
  • Creative Copywriting
  • Location Photography
  • Video Production

The strategy

Continuing the theme introduced in the first campaign which highlighted the pains and pitfalls that a renovation project can often bring; our aim was to convey the misery of renovation in a light-hearted way, using humour to cut through the more serious tone usually associated with the house building sector.

Although the situations depicted are exaggerated for impact, we wanted to show some aspects that weren’t too far from reality to encourage relatability.

The idea

The Christmas ad features a couple ‘enjoying’ their Christmas dinner on a makeshift table in a cold and crumbling house surrounded by mess and tools.

Just when they think it can’t get any worse, they spy the tail of a rat as it runs to another room.

The Christmas dinner set-up on a makeshift table was inspired by our Creative Director’s own renovation experience and we suspect it’s a situation that many others can relate to.

The delivery

Produced with our production partners and featuring the voice of actor Dean Lennox Kelly, the ad ran across digital channels throughout November and December.

Accompanying campaign photography was also created for social media and digital adverts. This was all packaged up in a campaign toolkit for Redrow and the media partners to roll out. The overall aim was to show prospective homebuyers tempted to take on a renovation project that there’s a better way to live.. and that’s in a beautiful new Redrow home!