A better way to brand

Our journey with premium home builder Redrow began two and half years ago when we were tasked to work on campaigns for a number of its sub products. Redrow designs its home with character, using only quality fixtures and fittings, and with spacious open plan living as a key feature. But it doesn't stop there. They also develop thirivng communities by putting people at the heart of everything they do.

Whilst the homes Redrow sells and the service they offer is premium, its brand, which was overcomplicated, wasn't quite matching the products, disjointed and a little confusing.

We knew Redrow needed to take a step back, before it could move forward.

As the client and agency relationshop developed, an apptetite to look at the brand grew within Redrow internally and we were given the opportunity to audit the brand in full and make recommendations on ways to take this great British heritage brand forward.



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They have been really influential and great for us.

We have been working with Absolute for a while now, it started off on a few small projects, and they are now involved with really shaping our brand.

Dominic Walker - Marketing Campaign Manager