Student posters with impact

Primo Properties Student posters with impact

With over 50 years experience, Primo Property manage numerous boutique student properties, located in landmark buildings around the UK.

Offering luxury accommodation with fantastic facilities, Primo wanted to communicate a number of key messages to students to ensure their safety and the upkeep of the properties.

This important information is given to students at the beginning of the year, however the team at Primo decided that they needed something more visible within the properties, to serve as a constant reminder to the students.


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Absolute copywriting and typographic poster design

Stay informed

The team at Primo tasked Absolute with creating some informative posters to be displayed throughout all 8 of their properties. The creative team decided that standard information posters just wouldn’t cut the mustard with this audience, so we got to work copywriting and designing the posters in a way which would effectively communicate 10 key messages to a younger audience.

Absolute poster design and art direction
Absolute illustrative poster design
Absolute key message poster design
Absolute illustrative typography poster design

Take a closer look

The majority of the information to be communicated contained the standard shared living rules (i.e. don’t play loud music at night) and so we approached writing these in a more engaging way. We opted for a typographic and illustrative art directional style to help highlight the key messages, and to speak to students on their level. These were created in such a way that they would not go unnoticed.

Absolute poster design engaging key message