How Phagenyx Works

Phagenesis How Phagenyx Works

Phagenesis is a Manchester based healthcare company, focused on the innovation for the treatment of dysphagia - a difficulty in swallowing that can occur following a stroke. Their mission is to transform the lives of people with dysphagia, using revolutionary treatments developed through a commitment to scientific and clinical excellence.

Phagenesis have developed a revolutionary new product called Phagenyx, a treatment which helps restore the neurological control of swallowing.

Phagenesis approached Absolute to support the launch by developing a short CGI animation which would provide an overview of the new treatment, giving an insight into how the revolutionary system works and how treatment is administered. The animation needed to appeal to doctors and hospital staff who were looking to purchase the system, and also carers and patients who are looking for more information on the treatment. The video was edited with both English and German translated versions for their key launch markets.




  • Video Production