A bold online presence

Lippe Taylor A bold online presence

Lippe Taylor are a New York based public relations and digital marketing agency who have cracked the code on marketing to women. Specialising in motivating women to take action, from purchasing a product online or in-store, selecting the family car, to sharing their opinions and influencing others with product reviews and actively on social media channels studying brands.

They approached Absolute as their current site was outdated, and wasn’t effectively communicating the great work and clients they worked with. They wanted a smart, bold and fun site to match their brand personality, the kind of brief we like!  

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  • Location Photography
  • Video Production
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

A bold online presence

The current Lippe Taylor logo and their brand positioning was that of a brave, bold and outgoing company. However, their site didn’t match that personality. To help bring the brand forward online we implemented a clean mobile ready design, alongside autoplay videos on their about page to giving an insight into the ins and outs of the agency. This was interspersed with bold colours and brand messaging throughout, to ensure that the Lippe Taylor tone of voice was communicated effectively to anyone who landed on the site.

We let our work do the talking

Generating content to tell their story

We looked at the current content and were open and honest with the team at Lippe Taylor, about what could be streamlined for a better user journey. We looked at sitemaps, and it became apparent that the main focus for Lippe Taylor, was the presentation of their case studies. This is what most prospective customers would judge/analyse them on. They needed to effectively communicate facts and figures of successful campaigns, but in a slicker and more interesting way.

Lippe Taylor's GM, Gerald Taylor, seen in the background of one of the shots from Absolute's photoshoot at their offices in New York
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Lippe's Innovation Technology Officer, Nick Taylor, gets involved in the photoshoot

A view from the inside

To showcase the agency culture and people we needed to get inside the agency and discover how they worked.  The team hopped on a flight to New York to capture short stings and interviews which captured the essence of office life at Lippe Taylor, which helped to communicate what a friendly and approachable bunch they were. Photographing insights into meetings, team lunches, their enviroment and everything in between.

Exploring our surroundings

Part of the project included creating some video and photography content. This involved our photographer Mark and our MD Chris taking a trip across the pond. The guys got some great video footage from the offices of Lippe Taylor, and in their downtime managed to get a great video of their travels around the Big Apple.

Travelling 13,372 miles
80+ Skype calls made