The future, better handled

Keoghs The future, better handled

Our top 100 law firm client came to us with their plan to revolutionise the way insurers handle motor claims. They were developing an artificial intelligence platform that will help insurers avoid litigation and eliminate unnecessary legal spend.

They wanted to be brave to have a big impact on the insurance industry so they needed a brand and creative execution that would do this groundbreaking AI product the justice it deserved.

Alongside the project, Absolute were designing and building the Keoghs website and had worked with the law firm on various other projects including brand development.


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  • Brand Creation
  • CGI / Animation
  • Studio Photography
  • Video Production
  • Web Design

The idea

The product came about from a need to reduce the time it takes to complete repetitive tasks in the claims process, giving the claims handler more thinking time to avoid unnecessary litigation.

We firstly needed to understand Keoghs goals for this project - who the product had to appeal to, the challenges we were facing and the timescales involved.

Law firms can lack creativity in their marketing so we had the opportunity to create a brand that would stand out in the marketplace. To create this impact we were mindful to not be blinded by science and focus on the human aspects.

We were aware that there was a fear that this product will replace people so we needed to be sensitive in our execution for both the external and internal audiences.

The typeface Omnes was chosen to help form the new brand identity

The delivery

To kick off, we held a series of workshops to build a picture and understand the essence of this brand. The character ‘Lauri’ was born and the concept ‘the future, better handled’ set the tone for the creative.

As the AI product communicates directly with claims handlers, without needing to log into portals and break the flow of the conversation, it was important to replicate this in the marketing communications. And as such, Lauri is introduced as the new member of the team with all communication coming directly from her. This approach humanises the product so you almost forget you are talking to a computer.

We were able to create a personality for Lauri, introducing touches of playfulness and humour in the scripting in a professional, yet very human way.

Illustrations and a colour palette were created to visually represent the positioning statement which combines speed with documents and information.

A series of videos are in production, view our latest here.

This tote bag was created as part of the new brand collateral
A set of cups were created as part of the brand collateral
Lauri advert - I'm on the case. In fact I'm currently on 394 cases, simultaneously.

The results

Lauri has been coined as the first true AI product to hit the insurance market and is a brand that the Absolute team are particularly proud of - demonstrating what a bold belief in being ‘different’ can achieve.

Lauri is impactful with the depth of character to rollout with purpose for years to come.  Our eyes are firmly forward; it’s up to the rest of the industry to catch up.

Lauri advert for volume motor claims
A splash screen was created to act as an initial web presence while the website was created