Putting Keoghs in Control

Keoghs Putting Keoghs in Control

Keoghs are a market leader in defendant insurance litigation with big ambitions therefore their new site had to reflect the firm’s culture and brand, creating a platform to showcase their offering whilst being appropriately built to accommodate any future developments.

Because content is so important to the firm, the website had to allow lawyers and support staff to easily manage their own content on a permission basis and within strict brand guidelines to protect the integrity of the site in the future.

The site also needed to be responsive to work across all platforms.

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Side by side comparison of the Keoghs website designs

The Idea

Law firm websites are inherently complex with lots of different services and technical content so the idea was to keep the site as simple and logical as possible, creating a more intuitive user journey.

Keoghs sets the bar high when it comes to innovation in the legal industry so we had to make sure the website was future proofed, beginning with a ‘mobile first’ approach applied to the designs. Great user interface and easy navigation is key when producing any website, even more so in content heavy industries such as law. Small touches such as breadcrumb trails and a sticky navigation menu ensures the end user never feels lost, no matter how many levels of content they need to navigate through.

For staff to manage their own content it was important that the CMS was built for Keoghs and complemented their way of working, in a language they understood.

The responsive website demonstrated on a mobile device

The delivery

During the previous version of the website, we created user stories to enable us to understand how users will interact with the content. This involves breaking down common tasks that are likely to be performed which are then used to inform the required functionality and ensure the tasks that need to be carried out on the site are outlined before wireframes are produced.

We then developed wireframes to illustrate the user journeys in a simplistic way so decisions can be made prior to any development or design work. Keoghs have over 40 services so the site needed to be intuitive and easy-to-use, whilst retaining a balance between art direction and important technical content.

Absolute Control is our in house CMS which has been designed to be easy to use and completely customisable to suit a client’s needs - particularly important when there are a large number of contributors with varying technical abilities.

Keoghs can grant administrator access based on permissions with the ability to author articles to staff profiles, CMS users or departments.

The system offers greater flexibility compared to market leading open source solutions to showcase more dynamic content.  We carefully considered the relationships between the content and were able to tailor an intuitive, yet powerful tagging system to allow site administrators to create those relationships quickly and easily across the site.

Keoghs website is built using our in-house CMS, Absolute Control

The Result

After a six-month project, the end result is a fully responsive digital platform which showcases Keoghs expertise in an engaging and accessible way, underpinned with Absolute’s bespoke CMS to hand over complete control of the content to the client.

We were delighted to learn that the team at Keoghs found using the CMS so straightforward that they didn’t require training from us. 

The responsive website in-situ on tablets
Some of the new webpage designs