We're in the know

Indespension We're in the know

A national trailer and trailer part company with more than 50 years experience and 18 branches nationwide, Indespension has been leader and innovator in the sector for decades.

However, it was a company in need of a brand overhaul.

The brand was entirely functional but seemed disjointed rather than an innovative national company with an eye on further growth and expansion. The brand look was disjointed across channels and branches, assets didn’t accurately convey the customer experience and sales service (which was more often than not excellent over-service) or Indespension’s heritage and expertise.

In short, the brand needed bringing up to date to reflect its ambitions.



  • Art Direction
  • Brand Creation
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Workshops
  • Location Photography

The Idea

We believe that the best brands are built from the inside out, with brand and colleague involvement. Which is why we have devised Absolute Clarity workshops, a collaborative tool and way of working to help clients see their business with new eyes and refine a fresh brand proposition.

After a working session with Indespension colleagues, meetings with branch managers and employee surveys, it became clear that amongst its colleagues, Indespenion’s knowledge and authority in this sector was its USP.

This became the focus of our brand positioning and led to the new brand strapline.. We’re in the know.



The Delivery

Our aim was simple - to establish a strong brand personality, but one that was flexible so that it would be easy to implement across multiple touch points.

Once we had locked down the brand’s new positioning and strapline, we were able to determine how this would appear visually across channels.

As well as devising new brand colourways, graphical devices, typography and a more personable tone of voice, we established a focus on the ‘in’ whenever it appeared visually. A flexible device to use brand messaging and to keep the name Indespension front of mind.

In addition to new, clean, clear and impactful product photography, we made lifestyle photography key, putting people and place in the picture, as well as products. Ultimately, it’s people who sell, buy and use Indespension products and we knew it was important to show this. The result was a more human brand with personality.

Our product shoot was scheduled for 2020 but coincided with a period of national lockdown. However, we know that photography and art direction was key to making the new brand work, so we produced and managed a local shoot at the Bolton head office with limited crew members. All done under strict Covid-19 secure guidelines.

We were careful to ensure that the new brand worked for both trade as well as consumer customers. Brand assets could be dialled up or dialled down depending where and on which channel they appeared.


The Result

The new brand launched in August 2020, with an extensive rollout of assets from the launch of their new cleaner, clearer shop site through to the gradual rollout of their stores, social assets and internal communications.