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HDM Engineering We're In Good Shape

HDM Engineering design, manufacture and service equipment that compresses recyclable textiles and waste into compact bales, making them easy to stack, store and be transported globally for recycling. The business has been built on a reputation for top-quality British manufactured machinery, exceptional customer service and three decades of expertise.

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  • Art Direction
  • Brand Creation
  • Brand Workshops
  • Studio Photography
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

The Insight

Their existing identity blended in with all the other businesses within their crowded market place and it didn’t convey their unique personality or offering. There was also a misidentification about the kind of business they were because of their identity resembling a recycling logo, which led to the wrong sales enquiries. What was needed was an approach which effectively disrupts the unique space that they operate in.

HDM Engineering Colour Palette
HDM Engineering Business Cards

Working Together

To achieve this, it had to be a collaborative process between HDM and Absolute. We conducted a brand workshop with the team to uncover their unique personality and selling proposition. Through this workshop we pinpointed HDM’s USP: their unmatched ability to produce better shaped bales.

Tape Mockup

The Ideas

Building on the insights, the entire brand is centred around the idea that no-one produces bales quite like HDM. Their machinery excels at compacting and compressing bales into a good shape, catering to the needs of a growing recycling industry.

With the brand’s fresh positioning and a more emotive tone of voice, we embarked on a journey to bring these elements to life. We crafted a robust, distinctive narrative and identity characterised by a bold and compact aesthetic that sets them apart from the rest. Alongside this, we created a strong colour palette which resonates with the essence of British craftsmanship and created a straightforward yet impactful graphical device. The bold and versatile typography, with its striking presence and adaptable nature, reflects the brands identity and ethos, effectively communicating its message with clarity and impact.

Magazine mockup
Billboard mockup

The Delivery

Absolute created an engaging, bespoke, user-friendly website which is built on a modular framework to provide more control for the team at HDM. We developed a series of animations to be rolled out online across social media platforms and the website itself. Additionally, we’ve produced a variety of promotional materials including stationery, sales packs, press adverts, signage, livery and uniforms.

To bring more personality to the brand and to show the unique characters behind the business, we art directed a photography shoot to capture moments of the team in action and curated a collection of confident portraits.

photography block
photography block
Van Mockup