We make sense of it

Clever it We make sense of it

Clever IT is a national Information Technology company based in the North West that is passionate about delivering and maintaining IT solutions that make business work smarter and save money.

The name 'Clever' comes from the way they work with clients. Taking a fresh approach, they start by looking at the business holistically to find solutions that might not necessarily mean new IT equipment.

They say they do things ‘The Clever Way’, which for them means operating effectively and efficiently to deliver an excellent service.

Whilst the business demonstrates this approach when you meet them, the existing brand didn’t give the perception of a successfully growing IT company with a unique personality and identity.


  • Business



  • Brand Creation
  • CGI / Animation
  • Studio Photography

The Idea

The idea was to flip traditional IT branding on its head and use creative copy, the individual personalities within the business and colour to create a unique identity. 

Clever IT’s target market is owners and MD’s of SME companies who are unlikely to understand the technicalities of installing and maintaining IT systems, so it was important that we communicated in a personable way to really get the brand messages across. Through design and wordplay we are able to demonstrate this ‘Clever’ approach, moving away from the image a typical IT company has. 

Love it or Hate it
Don't let it get this far
It is out of this world
Clever it brand marque
Ignited. Accredited. Spirited.
Business cards were created as part of the brand stationery
A branded mug was also created

The Delivery

The first requirement was to write a concise piece of ‘essence’ copy that communicates the why, how and what, positioning the company away from the usual IT crowd to set the tone of voice moving forward. 

Light hearted and simple language clearly conveys the brand messages in a playful and contemporary typeface, with a distinct colour palette to brighten up the subject matter - so there's no need for jargon here! 

The line ‘We’re on it’ expresses this simplicity and allows ‘it’ to be used within all brand statements, bringing more playfulness for an instantly recognisable and consistent brand rollout. 

Continuing the clever wordplay, we highlight ‘it’ within words and sentences and use the dot of the ‘i’ to introduce illustrations to amplify the point of the message… Love it or hate it, we’ll help you solve it.

Object photography created visual metaphors using technical items
The object photography was shot at our in-house photography studio
The object photography can be used across a range of media
Staff portraits were shot in our studio including Managing Director, Ben
Staff portraits were shot in our studio - Lynne
Staff portraits were shot in our studio - Jonny
Staff portraits were shot in our studio - Rochelle
Staff portraits were shot in our studio - Jon

The Results

Choosing an IT company to look after your infrastructure is a challenge to say the least. This rebrand sits Clever IT clearly apart in the sector as a friendly, honest and approachable technology brand that makes you smile - now who could argue with that? 

Campaign ads were created from ideas developed through photography and copywriting
Campaign ads were created from ideas developed through photography and copywriting