26 / 01 / 2022

The Howorth Way


Mel Yates




In 2019, Howorth embarked on a major business regeneration project. Part of this was to refocus their ambitions and goals for the business, to create a clear vision on how to take the 135 year old brand and bring it into the 21st Century.

Alongside an extensive rebrand project, they also needed to align their team with the new brand position and their business strategy. This meant communicating the expectations they had for each member of their team in order to achieve success. They call this philosophy ‘The Howorth Way’. This is broken into three behaviours which are; Integrity, Collaboration and Excellence. Within each of these are what is expected, desirable and aspirational goals for each of their staff, regardless of their role in the organisation.

The piece initially launched as a handbook but the success of ‘The Howorth Way’ created demand for an animation which can be used not only for staff inductions and in their head office reception but to also promote the philosophy Howorth team members live and breathe by.

We worked with Howorth every step of the way, from presenting our vision through moodboards, adapting the print piece to better suit a VO script through to storyboard creation and animation.