16 / 05 / 2018

GDPR – What it means to Absolute


Chris Hodgen




You will all be sick to death by now with all the talk surrounding the GDPR deadline looming this Friday.

But having said that…are you ready? And have you managed to understand what you need to do to make sure your business is covered for the new law?

We have to say, it is not easy to get a clear answer from anyone on the subject. Each business is very different, so has to interpret the new rules in the right way (specialist guidance is recommended!). At Absolute, we rely heavily on incoming business/projects from referrals which is great, so we don’t actively market to people we don’t know very often. Our research leads us to believe we can communicate to our small database of friends, family, clients old and new under the “Legitimate Interest” element of GDPR which doesn’t require you to opt in. 

If you are reading this blog then you will most likely have arrived via our latest email – Absolute Blast (May 2018). However, should you wish to not continue to receive our quarterly business and marketing updates, then please feel free to opt out at the bottom of the email and we will follow the correct steps to make sure your data is deleted from our system and logged in the right way. Hopefully one day you will be back.

If you do decide to leave, then you will possibly miss out on the following – 

  • Detailed White Papers to help your brand grow
  • Opportunities to attend free insightful seminars at Absolute, with well-respected guests
  • Insights into upcoming market trends looking to the future
  • Update on what Absolute has been up to over the previous quarter
  • Opportunities to attend hospitality events, including football matches across the North West

Some plugs for our clients –

If you need to discuss your company's IT requirements with GDPR in mind, then please contact Ben Griffiths from Clever IT (www.clever-IT.com), who can discuss with you what you need to do from a technical perspective.

Also, don’t forget - GDPR doesn’t cover print marketing. So speak to us about delivering some innovative campaigns using print in association with our amazing print partner – NB Colour Print - http://nbcolourprint.co.uk/

We haven’t seen this much panic since the Millennium…..and since then Manchester United have won 8 Premier League titles and Bolton Wanderers have had 7 different shirt sponsors (side competition – can you name them all… answers on an email)