Google brand animation example
04 / 10 / 2018

Bringing Brands to Life


Mike Wood




There are a number of factors that determine how successfully a brand connects with its audience, but there are some simple tactics which can help with this, such as using animation. Introducing animation can add a whole new dimension to a brand’s content, making it more engaging and holding the attention of the viewer for longer.

Animating a logo and elements of the brand can lead to strengthening the brand personality. A well recognised example of this is through the Google animation. Even down to those four floating dots, it feels very ‘Google’. It can also help to explain an idea, amplify the icon/brand beyond words and deliver a more memorable brand experience, it takes it to another place beyond the static world.

How we’ve done it for our clients:

Take Lauri for example, an AI lawyer for the law firm, Keoghs. Lauri handles documents and speeds up the litigation process. For most, this appears as a complex idea; using animation helps create an easy understanding ‘visually’ of the process, which might not necessarily be a visual process in itself. Animations can be used to improve the clarity of an idea.


We designed a playful typographic approach in a re-brand for our business neighbours, Clever IT. We animated the logo to communicate multiple messages that explain what Clever IT can offer their clients in a friendly and relatable manner. The tone of voice is also brought to life through quirky little motions in the icons above the ‘it’, showing that even the subtlest animation can have a huge impact on the message being communicated.



In most cases when designing a logo, thinking about how it could become animated isn’t usually prioritised. But, thinking about how it could be animated can actually elevate a brand identity. Oli Jackson, a close friend of our MD, approached Absolute to create an identity for his part-time work as a DJ. By getting to the core of what DJs use, we focused on a key part of his equipment, his DJ decks. In this case, you can see how the animation amplifies the idea, and how it can be used further through tracking the music he’s playing or even mimicking the sliders in real time.


Taking cues from nature, our brand identity for Bamboo uses the plant as an influence, creating a distinct logotype. The identity animation resembles the idea of bamboo shoots growing at speed.


Image credit: Thumbnail image by This Also