Absolute 100% Integrated Creative and Digital Agency
19 / 03 / 2015

Absolute 100%


Simon Allman




Some creative agencies specialise in web design and may try their hand at print. Others prefer to concentrate purely on the art of graphic design and occasionally have a dabble in the world of advertising. More than often, the brilliant work they do in one discipline doesn't transfer well into another.

An integrated agency on the other hand looks at a project holistically, then finds solutions that work better for their clients across a range of disciplines and has a team in place that has the expertise to deliver projects, seamlessly across all channels. Absolute are that kind of agency.

We start projects with a more strategic approach. Looking at the target audience. Developing personas to understand the consumer and their needs. Assess the clients objectives through their marketing plans. We're smarter and more realistic with budgets. Producing project plans and timelines. And most importantly, we work collaboratively with our clients.

Positioning is key to delivering any project. Knowing where a client should sit in their marketplace. We bring brand clarity to the consumer, so they know who they're engaging with. We then inject life into a project with great ideas, engaging copylines and stories. We execute the ideas with brilliant art direction, through graphics, photography, illustration, typography and colour – the brand assets.

A great idea is useless if it's delivered through the wrong channels. That's where personas are important. They let us know where the consumers are going to be. If they use a lot of public transport, then we know which touchpoints are key. If they're using their phones to browse websites, then we'll concentrate on mobile first technology. And if they browse channels like YouTube, then engaging video and animation may be the answer.

Our integrated model is called 'Absolute 100%'. It gives us the right balance between client relationships, project management and delivering creativity. It's what helps us deliver the best results for our clients.