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Based in the South West of Britain and a family run business for over 40 years, Wessex Packaging are a leading supplier of packaging materials and equipment to companies all over their region. As well as a unique portfolio of packaging products, Wessex Packaging also develop their own product solutions like PowerWrap, ErgoPack and SafeStretch.

Primarily a branding project with a clear marketing plan, the brief was quite clear from the start; give the company an identity that has a wider UK appeal and a personality that better communicates their passion for bespoke packaging solutions.

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Absolute Clarity

With any branding project the best place to begin the process is to conduct a series of brand workshops with the client. Engaging with a company and its employees can often unearth valuable insights from within and can usually help uncover the true personality of its brand. We believe effective brands are always built from the inside out and we always want to make sure that everyones understanding of the company is aligned from within, before it’s communicated to the outside world.

We also look at the company from the outside in by undertaking customer profiling and canvassing opinion by engaging with the target audience to help us build a clearer picture, so that any future communications can be aligned to them.

This process was valuable to Wessex Packaging as it helped to identify a clearer position for the company within the marketplace. What differentiated them from their competitors was the personal approach to tackling packaging problems with innovative and often bespoke solutions.

Brand marque - before
Brand marque - after

Everything packaging

From our workshops and research came a narrative that brought the product into the foreground and reminded the customer that packaging really is ‘the unsung hero’ that is often taken for granted, but is just as important as the products it protects. This clear statement also steered the creation of the new brand identity. What better way to communicate what you do by building the product into the your identity. So, that’s what we did. We created a giant ‘W’ made up of a cross section of products that Wessex produces, which now sits proudly in the clients reception.

A brave decision for the client was to drop the word ‘packaging’ from the brand identity. This made sense as this was revealed in the research that most customers know them just as ‘Wessex’. It wasn’t dropped entirely though, we moved it into the new ‘clever packaging people’ strapline. A line that clearly summed up the true personality of the company and its people.

This is Circular a modern typeface that brings clarity to communications

Brand Assets

Wessex wanted to stand out in the packaging sector with a distinctive brand. Our competitor analysis revealed that most of the companies around them had a tendency to use blues and greys with their identities, so we opted for a warmer palette of yellow and warm grey to create a much needed impact, which also complemented the majority of the Wessex products. We also introduced a modern geometric sans serif typeface that brought clarity to their communications and was available in a range of different weights for application.

Initial roll-out of the brand includes livery, signage, stationery and some promotional items. Each application communicates the companies personality through an engaging and witty tone-of-voice.

Truck livery design for new brand
Branded mug
New letterhead design with new branding applied
Brochure design with the new branding applied
Wessex studio product photography
Wessex studio product photography
Wessex studio product photography
Wessex studio product photography
Wessex studio product photography
A new website in the new Wessex brand style