20 / 05 / 2021

Roses Gold - Not so crappy!


Mel Yates




The Roses Creative Awards is a celebration of the best creative work to come out of the UK’s agencies outside of London. It's something we’ve always benchmarked our work and creative approach against.

Last night was the winners ceremony and we’re extremely pleased to say that we picked up a Gold for our Xmas Self Promotion piece.

Cracking the cracker…

When it came to conceptualising, we felt we needed to capture a moment in time and the shit show that was 2020. From the beginning, we had key themes in mind: 2 metre distancing, masks and you guessed it, toilet roll.

We narrowed our ideas down to two crackers. One which allowed people to maintain a safe 2 metre distance and another, which when pulled, left the winner with the most sought after item of the year, loo roll!

We were keen to prototype both in the studio with Rob and Dan testing out the durability of the ideas.

The toilet roll cracker was the winner! It felt like it had more to say and was the most original idea.

Next up, the joke! We all put our ‘Dad’ heads together to write the groan inducing cracker joke. A supermarket sweep from Sam came up trumps!

On the reverse we cheekily left our clients and friends a message of hope that whatever came our way in 2021, we had their back(side).